Thursday, 19 April 2012

How to Add custom Widget in your open ERP module

How to Add custom Widget in your open ERP module ..
 Here are steps : 
                                                        By : Pinakin Nayi
                                                               Trainee OpenERP,
                                                               E-mail :
Step 1 :
          create a folder
                   --> static
                            --> src
                                  --> xml
                                        -> lib.xml
                                  --> css
                                        -> .css

Step 2 :
          Register your xml file in
          Like this
                      'css': [ 'static/src/css/resource.css' ],
                      'js': [  'static/src/js/lib.js' ],
                       'qweb' : [ 'static/src/xml/lib.xml', ],

Step 3 : 
        In  "lib.xml"  create your template
           like ,
                    <templates id="template" xml:space="preserve">
                     <t t-name="link">
                      <div>manage your template  </div>

Step 4 :
      In  "lib.js"  create your template
           like ,

                      openerp.lib = function(instance)
                       instance.web.form.widgets.add('link', 'openerp.lib.Mywidget');
                       instance.lib.Mywidget = instance.web.form.Widget.extend( {
                              template : 'link',
                              init : function(arg)
                              console.log(' custome widget');

Step 5 : 
       In this test i have only write "manage your template" instread of that you can
      write your own template to implement ..

Step 6 : 
         Now , your Widget is ready ,
         you have to implement this in your tag.

        <field name="description" colspan="4" widget="link" />


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  2. I have this error : View error

    Can't find field 'xxx' in the following view parts composing the view of object model xxxxxxxx':
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    Either you wrongly customized this view, or some modules bringing those views are not compatible with your current data model

    I have to put the field on the colomn of my class ?

  3. Ya, U will get this. Bcz u are testing my widget in  v6.1 but i had made it for the v6.2 or latest so try in that.

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