Wednesday, 28 November 2012

5 features in OpenERP

                                                                                                                          Pinakin Nayi

5 features in OpenERP really nice. Have you tried???

1)  Google docs
    Add attachment to any particular record or any module. You can add google docs.

2)  Import Google meeting,Import Google Contacts
    To import the meeting from your google account(google calandar) to OpenERP Event Management Module.To import the contacts from your google account(google contacts) to OpenERP contacts.

3)  Sign in with Google and Facebook(auth openid)
    You can login in OpenERP with different login id.

4)  Lunch Module
    One of the best and very useful module in OpenERP. To Manage company meals.

5)  Fleet Module
    vehicles-related data of company. You can keep track of vehicle contracts, car-related services and refueling logs. With this module you can easily keep records of your vehicles, assign an employee to them, update the odometers and so on.


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