Tuesday, 6 January 2015

How to work with "Fiscal Position" in Odoo (foremly OpenERP) ?

How to work with "Fiscal Position" in Odoo (foremly OpenERP) ?

Why fiscal position needed ?

  • When we work in multi company/multi country/multi state environment and we have multi tax system, we need to use fiscal position.

How to configure Fiscal Position ?

  • Install Account
  • Give Technical Rights to user(suppose:Admin)
  • Go to Accounting > Configuration > Taxes > Fiscal Positions

Now suppose, on product "Computer" normally 15% sales Tax apply but as per Indian country rule sale tax applied 20% instead of 15%. So, in this case we create new

Fiscal Position like :

To Test : Create new Customer with country : India, Fiscal Position : "Sales Tax 20%"

Now, Create new Customer Invoice of above customer and add "Computer" Product in invoice line.