Thursday, 3 January 2013

How to extend local storage ?

                                                                                                              Pinakin Nayi
                                                                                                              OpenERP , Gandhinagar.

How to extend local storage ?

Hello Friends ,

  If you all are using OpenERP POS than there may be you face error like this ,

Ok this error came from local storage , because in OpenERP 7 POS module ,

we load all information related to POS in local storage for fast access and offline work.

Offline Work :

Why this needed ?
             Normally, if our server not responded or may be there are some problem to receiving any answer from server than we have need all info to store in local Database, So OpenERP Support for that and whenever server up(before closing) than it will automatically store or synchronized all orders.
  If your data more than 5MB in POS than it will creates problem to you because most of browsers support 5MB local storage. 

But if you are using Firefox than here a solution that will provide you facility to exceed local storage.



  1. Hi Pinakin Nayi,

    Very interesting post

    Two questions:

    1.- How is this information stored? In HD or in RAM? In other words, if browser crashes we lose it or not?
    2.- Is there any limit to this extension of quota?

    Thank you very much

  2. Hello ,

    Sorry for my late reply.

    Any browser support local storage and its different as per browser as Chrome provide 5 MB and in Firefox you can extend as per need. And i think that will store information on RAM as if browser crashes than we lost info.