Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Mail Alias with OpenERP 7

Mail alias in OpenERP 7

I think lots of people have confusion over mail alias including me.

So, here i try to describe mail alias in OpenERP.
For mail configure in OpenERP

Steps :

- First of all configure mail servers both incoming and outgoing.
- now from the Setting > General Setting configure "Alias Domain"(catch-all email domain redirected to this openerp server domain)

Now very important thing how openerp mail alias work

so in this case you have to configure catch all on your mail server.

What id catchall ?

Mail server provide facility like catchall which will handle all mail with domain means here i try to explain with example that may
be useful to you :

Ex. Company domain name :
now someone send a mail to now there is no any xxx mail address defined in the so these kind of mails are
handled under catchall.

Now, in openerp server you have to define both address one is original and second one catchall which will fetch-out all mail.

Why its needed ?

Because whenever we create any project or etc than there is automatically created alias.

Suppose we created new project user alias set as
user add followers and send a notification so there is set sender name, receiver a valid mail id, and in reply to there is project alias set.

So, if a customer reply to that mail than he face the problem as undelivered mail if there is no any catchall defined.

Now, if we defined catchall than the message will automatically fetched and appended to particular object.

We hope this information will helpful to you.



  1. Hi Pinakin,
    I hope you doing well.
    I want to ask that how can we configure catchAll address to my cpanel for route all email to my server?
    Can you please explain so it will great help to me.
    Thanks in Advance,
    Sanket Patel

  2. Hello Sanket,

    I assume you have own mail server.
    I have not exact idea about cpanel where but in every mail server in different. So, you can just ask to your mail server provider about this for support so, they can guide you how to configure catchall mail.
    Here link that may be useful to you.

    Let me know if you have still problem.

    1. great Thank for the reply Pinakin.
      I am using now gmail imap incoming server but i can not get any email reply on alias email.
      So what can be the issue to be there.

      Please help me.


  3. but how about outgoing email, how does it set to while outgoing mail is set to some gmail account?

  4. can every user from inside openerp, send an emial to outside with @domain alias sender email?
    For example if I have a user alisa and he send a message to from openerp. what will will see in from section of email?

  5. Hi Pinakin !
    Thanks for easy explanation :) .. it helped me.
    I want to know the exact meaning/use of email alias in odoo... Would you plz like to help me ?

    Thank you :)

    1. Sunanda in odoo everything depends on alias.. :)

      Suppose, you have created new sales team then odoo give you facility you can create alias for sales team and whenever some one sent mail on mail alias system will automatically create Lead/Opportunity in same sales team.

      Think if you have 10 sales team then you need 10 different email in your mail server + for each mail you have to configure incoming mail server.

      But with the use of alias do not need to buy 10 different emails.

    2. Thank you Pinakin for making my idea clear and making my way easy .. It helps me :)