Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Work with web-controller OpenERP

How to override web controller in openerp 8.0.

Here, i try to define one example that may be useful to you to understand how to work with web controller in openerp 8.0.

Existing controller (addons/web/controllers/main.py) :
- class name Home, and method index

class Home(http.Controller):

    @http.route('/', type='http', auth="none")
    def index(self, s_action=None, db=None, **kw):
        return http.local_redirect('/web', query=request.params, keep_hash=True)

Now, here i define how to override existing controller...
 - Here, my class name Website, and in parameter i pass path of controller which i want to inherit, so here "Home" class which is in addons/web/controllers/main.py so in path i pass : openerp.addons.web.controllers.main.Home.

 - @http.route : in openerp 8.0 the route system changed.
           '/' : '/' route will match the new index() method in Website.
        'type' : There are different type like http,json...
                 (http : normal http requests by passing, Json : Methods that received JSON can be defined by passing 'json')

class Website(openerp.addons.web.controllers.main.Home):
    @http.route('/', type='http', auth="public", website=True, multilang=True)
    def index(self, **kw):
            main_menu = request.registry['ir.model.data'].get_object(request.cr, request.uid, 'website', 'main_menu')
            first_menu = main_menu.child_id and main_menu.child_id[0]
            # Dont 302 loop on /
            if first_menu and not ((first_menu.url == '/') or first_menu.url.startswith('/#') or first_menu.url.startswith('/?')):
                return request.redirect(first_menu.url)
        return self.page("website.homepage")


  1. Hy,

    I'm struggling with web module overriding.
    I would like to patch this : https://bugs.launchpad.net/openerp-web/+bug/1175163
    So I tried to override the saveas_ajax method.
    I created a module with a folder called controllers.
    Inside I have a .py like this :
    import openerp
    from openerp.addons.web import http
    openerpweb = http

    class export_filenames(openerpweb.Controller):
    _cp_path = "/web/binary"

    def saveas_ajax(self, req, data, token):
    print("patch OK")

    Unfortunately, even if it doesn't failed at the startup, I never pass by this method.
    What could I miss?


  2. Pinakin,
    Exactly where do you enter this code. In which file?

  3. I have same problem.
    Somebody found a solution?

  4. Very useful ... thanks Pinakin. !!!