Tuesday, 6 January 2015

How to work with "Fiscal Position" in Odoo (foremly OpenERP) ?

How to work with "Fiscal Position" in Odoo (foremly OpenERP) ?

Why fiscal position needed ?

  • When we work in multi company/multi country/multi state environment and we have multi tax system, we need to use fiscal position.

How to configure Fiscal Position ?

  • Install Account
  • Give Technical Rights to user(suppose:Admin)
  • Go to Accounting > Configuration > Taxes > Fiscal Positions

Now suppose, on product "Computer" normally 15% sales Tax apply but as per Indian country rule sale tax applied 20% instead of 15%. So, in this case we create new

Fiscal Position like :

To Test : Create new Customer with country : India, Fiscal Position : "Sales Tax 20%"

Now, Create new Customer Invoice of above customer and add "Computer" Product in invoice line.



  1. Images are not visible either in chrome or mozila..

  2. Hello Pinakin,

    I have One Question Regarding Your Post.
    When I am creating my own Fiscal Position Through
    Account >> configuration >> Taxes >> Fiscal Position
    Then I have Found the Two Different Options like 1.Taxes Mapping 2. Accounts Mapping in Fiscal Position Form View
    Please Can You Elaborate more these two options when and what are the usage of the two fields in Fiscal Position Form View. ??

  3. Hi Pinakinnayi..

    Firstly I would like to thank for your generous help which you are doing it for everyone... Not everyone has heart and undying patience to write... which also shows your passion towards Odoo..
    If ever i encounter any doubts I know I can always find something in your blog... Am sure so does the others...
    Honestly Thank you so much...

    I do have One request, could you write something about "Automatic Reconciliation" in odoo, if it is of not much difficult to you...

    Thanks a lot...

    1. Thanks you.
      For reconciliation i have already created video in V7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fY98R5Wl8t8

  4. Thank u ,This post is very useful for me