Thursday, 18 February 2016

Point of Sale Reward Calculation

Point of Sale Reward Calculation

Here the calculation is different let me explain.

If your reward calculation like Discount 80% and Point cost 5.00 that means per 1 discount it will charge 5.00 points so here 80*5.00 = 400 Points.

Now, if you have not enough points then system will set discount as per your points. 


ice-cream 100 Dollar, Agrolait have suppose 50 points. Loyalty Program have 80% discount

Total points require to get 80% discount = 80 * 5 = 400 points

System will check total points 400 > spendable points 50.00, if yes then system will calculate : spendable points(50)/point cost(5) = 10

Now, system will apply only 10% discount instead of 80% because Agrolait have not enough points to get 80% discount..


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