Tuesday, 27 June 2017

How to import products with their initial inventory ?

In some cases we need to import products with their inventory

There are several ways to do this,


- We can do manually by adding products and their qty
- for each product and its qty create stock moves either manually or import CSV
- or any complex way

The easiest way to do this, is import inventory adjustment through Odoo import functionality.

Here are some steps to do in smart way

- First create test inventory adjustment,
- add few products and then export that inventory adjustment(just for export template purpose).
- Just cancel/delete that inventory adjustment.

Now, in exported csv you can add your products(database ids) and qty.

That's it ,

After adding your inventory products in CSV, you can import that CSV in Odoo.

Note : At the time of validate CSV if you got any error related to products, then just select product database Id from list.

Here attached sample csv which you can import easily, => Click Here

Video : https://youtu.be/K1UrDPjpJr4


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