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New in V11

Odoo Release Note V11


  • Performance Optimisation

Backend operations are between 2x and 3x faster. All frontend views have been redeveloped from scratch to speed up load times and reduce flickering.

  • New Design
A new design with a more vibrant color scheme, optimized to adapt to all screen sizes and devices.

  • Improved Settings
Global search across all settings, improved design, and the ability to switch from the settings of one app to another.

  • Report Templates
Configurable and beautiful templates for your report, customisation through studio, better file naming of PDFs.
  • Kanban Headers
Progress bar on kanban headers, clean animations, ability to filter on the progress bar with a simple click.

  • Activities
Schedule next activities and get clean notifications. Activities are integrated with VoIP, calendar, and notes.

  • New Widgets
Domain selector, fields selector, placeholder generator for email templates, advanced address blocks.

  • Menus and Dashboards
New dashboard for project and website. Split of sales and CRM. Catalogue menus in business applications.

  • Notifications
Improved push notification mechanism, great feedback and rewards are now delivered with a rainbow animation.

  • Images
Images and PDF preview in messages. Click to preview and navigate through these documents.

  • Mobile Discuss
The discuss application has been reworked for a better user interface on Android and iOS mobile interfaces.

  • Menus
Burger menu and account menu better adapted to mobile.

  • Mobile UI
Improved navigation in Kanban views, improved burger menu and user preferences menu.

New Apps

  • Online Appointments
Allow customers or visitors to book a meeting with your teams and easily manage reminders, schedules, etc.

  • Marketing Automation
Automate actions and emails based on a campaign flow: follow-up on abandoned carts, automate events reminders, lead nurturing schedules, etc.

  • In-App Purchases
API for services to develop extra services available through the interface. First service: Send SMS

  • iOS App
New native app for iOS phones featuring faster load times, native notifications, account management, and native widgets for date, time, email, phone, and relational fields.

A platform to develop, test, deploy, and host your Odoo projects. More information

  • Salary Configurator
A salary configurator has been developed for the Belgian market to make flexible offers to applicants or appraisals of employees.

Odoo Studio

  • Drag & Drop
Drag & drop form builder, list editor, graph designer, etc.

  • One2Many
Edit one2many and many2many fields: lst, kanban, forms. (Example: Customise sale order lines)

  • New Views
Customise calendar, Gantt, and pivot views through Odoo Studio.

  • Related fields
Create related fields in a few clicks to display values of others objects; very useful for cross-object statistics.

  • Rainbow Customisation
Customise the rainbow animation on any button to reward your users on important achievements.

  • Background Customisation
Customise the background of the app switcher dashboard to reflect your company branding.

  • Reports
Ability to create new reports from Odoo Studio.

  • Website Form
Create website forms related to any object to allow your visitors to create records (support/helpdesk ticket form).

  • Navigation
Switch easily from one view to another, without having to exit and reopen Odoo Studio.

Website Builder

  • Customise URLs
Edit page properties such as URL through the new page manager (/page/ no longer required).

  • Theme Selector
Improved theme selector with easy preview of available themes without changing your current theme.

  • Page Builder
All official themes improved for better usability. The page builder engine has been redeveloped from scratch for an upgraded user experience.

  • On-Boarding
The firsts steps to configure a website have been simplified. Simply set your logo, activate features in one click, and configure with simplified settings.

  • Page Manager
Edit the name, URL, publish & index status of your pages (no more /page/xyz required).

  • Less/CSS editor
Customise the style of your website with the new Less/CSS editor.

  • Customer Portal
Choose between a B2C (free signup) and B2B mode (on invitation) for yours customers to see their documents (sales orders, invoices, etc.).


  • Checkout & Payment

Optimised checkout process embedded payment forms to be responsive on mobile devices.

  • Abandoned Carts

Search, mail, and launch marketing automation on abandoned carts to convert them into orders.

  • Dashboard

The next actions to do are available on the dashboard: orders to invoice, payments to receive, shoppers to revive, etc.

  • New KPIs

Track your eCommerce KPIs: conversion rate (cart to order), average cart amount, best sellers, etc.

  • Products Comparator

The new product comparator is based on attributes (variants or not) of products.

  • Wishlist

Shoppers can add products to a wishlist. Returning customers will use it to buy their favourite items faster.

  • Product Availability

Setup how you want to manage inventory shortage and publish the available inventory.

  • Coupons & Promotions

New promotions & coupons program system.


  • SEPA Direct Debit

SEPA Direct Debit allows you to draft payments from your customers' bank accounts with their approval (European standard).

  • Batch Payments

Select multiple vendor bills and pay them all at once. Work to credit a batch of customers via SEPA Direct Debit or credit card tokens.

  • Address Autocomplete

Enter a valid VAT number and Odoo will autocomplete the name and the address of the customer (Europe only).

  • 3-Way Matching

Compare what you have received with the vendor bill to release an invoice for payment.

  • Payments on Invoices

Print invoices with the information about the payments already prefilled at the bottom.

  • Invoice Number

Easier, inline configuration of the sequence of your first invoice.


  • Pay Multiple Invoices

Ability to reconcile a payment with several invoices using a button on the payment form.

  • Consolidated Journal Report

The consolidated journal report displays what happened in each journal organised month by month for readability.

  • Proforma Invoices

Print proforma invoices directly from the sales order.

  • Auditable Tax Report

In the tax report, select a line and click on the "audit" button to audit the journal items (base and tax in the same report).

  • Chart of Accounts

As long as you have not recorded any journal entry in an account, you are able to modify it.

  • Easy Setup

Simplified initial setup with a configuration progress bar (Example: Set your initial balances from one screen).

  • Legal Statements

Numerous usability improvements on legal statements such as hover effects, hierarchies of accounts, duplicate a report function, faster load times, etc.

  • Mexico

Updated chart of accounts and taxes, CFDI 3.3, DIOT, Trial Balance and new CoA report.

  • Switzerland

ISR invoices (BVR), DTA → SEPA, cash rounding management, postal bank support, currency rate live update based on Federal Tax Agency.

  • Spain

New chart of accounts (Pymes, Associations, Corporate), updated taxes, legal statements (Balance Sheet, AEAT Modelo 111, 115 and 303).

  • India

The accounting localisation has been adapted for GST.

  • United States

New check register report.

  • Netherlands

Updated chart of accounts and taxes, general ledger XAF report, new legal statements: P&L and ICP.

  • Germany

Updated chart of accounts (skr03 and skr04), updated taxes, new legal statements (P&L, Balance Sheet, Intercom Tax Report), updated tax report, DATEV Export.

  • Colombia

Updated chart of accounts and taxes, Certificates, tax base field on journal items.


  • Complete Refactoring

Extensive refactoring in order to boost performance and improve flexibility and robustness.

  • Updated Posted Transactions

You are now able to update any transaction (picking, manufacturing order) after being posted through the new lock/unlock button.

  • Usability Improvements

Cleaned menus, improved reports (inventory analysis, traceability report, costing report, and others).

  • More Robust

Better warnings to prevent mistakes, visual indicators to notify you of potential errors, and logged notes in the chatter for better history tracking.

  • UPS

Support for Cash On Delivery, Bill My Account, additional service types, and additional label file types.

  • FedEx

Added option for selecting Saturday delivery.

  • bPost

New shipping carrier supporting bPost World Express Pro and bPost Domestic bpack 24h Pro.


  • Work Center Control Panel

Improved tablet interface to manage work centres and record operations.

  • Work Order Steps

Define multiple steps in a workorder and link them to worksheet pages: scan a product, take a picture, quality control, etc.

  • Usability Improvements

Improved reports and menu structure.

  • Code Refactoring

Complete refactoring of the code to make it faster and easier to maintain.

  • Editable MOs

You are now able to consume other products despite what was initially planned and edit MOs once they are done.

  • PLM

Track versions of products and ECO's as well as their respective documents. Merge different ECO's corresponding to the same BoM.


  • Timesheets

Ability to use timesheets on tickets to track time consumed per customer/ticket.

  • Invoicing

Ability to invoice support contracts as well as analyse costs and revenues with links to projects and tasks.

  • SLAs

Weekends and team schedules are used in the computation of the different KPIs used in the SLA.

  • Merge Tickets

Ability to merge duplicate tickets.

  • Livechat Integration

Convert visitors questions into tickets with a keyboard shortcut to create tickets directly from Livechat (/helpdesk).


  • Invoicing

Better integration of the expenses in the sale order and project dashboard.

  • Configuration

The configuration of expenses and invoicing methods on the product form have been simplified.


  • CRM Standalone App

The CRM application now has its own dashboard icon, no longer combined with the Sales app dashboard.

  • Next Activities

Schedule multiple activities on leads/opportunities; meeting, call, task, etc.

  • Fun Rewards

A customizable rainbow appears to deliver a message about the performance of the salesperson (e.g. Deal of the month).

  • Company Auto-Complete

Auto-completion of the company contact information: logo, website, name.

  • Livechat Integration

Convert visitors into leads quickly using a keyboard shortcut directly in Livechat (/lead).


  • Project Dashboard

Resource utilisation, forecasts, billing rates, timesheet analysis, profitability, etc.

  • Sales & Invoicing

Create projects and or tasks on the validation of sales orders.

  • Bill Tasks

Ability to assign a task to a sale order line at any time to bill according to the invoice policy.

  • Subtasks

One task can be spitted in several sub-tasks. Get a consolidated reporting on the main task.

  • Billing Rates

Have a detailed analysis the cost and revenues of fixed and billable products. See in a glance what are the non billable tasks.

  • Merge of tasks

Ability to merge duplicate tasks.


  • Mass mailing

Email speakers and attendees in just a few clicks.

  • Exhibition management

New feature to send manage and organise booth of an exhibition.

  • Usability

Improved menus, settings and overall usability.

  • Tracks Management

Improved form to submit talks, flexible stages, automated emails at every stage.

Time sheets

  • Leaves management

Leaves can be automatically recorded as timesheet for a better control of the time spent.

  • Grid View

Adapted grid view to manage hours or days in timesheets and project forecasts.

  • Billing

Report on billable and non billable timesheets

  • Forecast

Compare your forecast and timesheets on a single screen, for one project or across the whole company.

  • Reminders

Automated email to remind users to fill their timesheet, with a control based on the schedule of every employee / team.

  • Usability

Easier recording of timesheets, menu to review for managers, employees can record timesheets for people that are not users of the system.

  • Company Schedule

Global company working schedule and holidays are taken into account for timesheets, leaves, helpdesk SLAs and other resources schedules.

Mass Mailing

  • Mailing Lists

Improved contacts management and mailing lists

  • Deduplication

Prevent to send the two emails of the same campaign to the same person.

  • Domain selector

Improvement of the way to do segments of records to email.

  • New themes

New and improved mass mailing themes for different purposes.


  • Sales-CRM Split

Sales and CRM has been spitted as two different application for better menus and dashboards.

  • Product catalog

New menu to manage your product catalog, pricelists and variants.

  • Proforma Invoices

Print Proforma invoices directly from the sale order.

  • Payments

Create or use existing credit cards token on online quotations or in the portal.


  • PDF and Images preview

Attachments are now previewed inline, with the ability to zoom and navigate accross all attachments of a message.

  • Empty Inbox

Fun animation when you empty your inbox.

  • Navigation

improved navigation from a full chat screen and previous screen

  • Channels

Removed auto read, not possible to unsubscribe from a automatic group subscription channel

  • GitHub Integration

You can connect GitHub to a channels to follow discussions on Pull Requests or branches.


  • Product

Configuration from product. Subscription as product type and template selected on the product

  • Subscription

Managed in one click from the application. The KPI dashboard is an option

  • Sales

Sell product of type subscription from anywhere, eCommerce, online quote, sales. Automatic generation of one or several contract.

  • Usability

Simple model, menus and forms review


  • Calls

Call from anywhere in the system, with an icon in the top bar.

  • Improved UI

Improved UI, phone number formatting, better call queue, etc.

  • API integration integration.

Point Of Sale

  • Multi-Pricelists

Manage different prices for different customers.

  • Customer-Facing Screen

PosBox supports extra screen via HDMI connection.

  • Community



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