Monday, 22 January 2018

Multi Company - Multi Warehouse with Odoo

Multi Company- Multi Warehouse

Now, Multi company with multi warehouse becomes so easy. You can define as much as company and warehouses and defines your routes.

Let's take one example,

Here, we have structure like :

Parent Company : My Company
Child Company: Your Company
(each company have own warehouses)
  • Child Company(warehouse) always purchase the goods from parent company based on reordering rules.
  • Parent Company check their goods and if haven't enough stock then purchase from vendors and deliver to child warehouse.

Reordering Rules : 

My Company : Maximum (50)
Your Company : Maximum (10)

Let's assume 0.00 qty in both parent and child Company/Warehouse.

Now, as per system setup the scheduler run(mainly at midnight) and create related order based on available qty.

Here, we have 0.00 qty in both warehouses and we have rules to get stock so on scheduler run the system will automatically create related purchase order/Manufacturing Order.

  • Purchase order created for Parent Company
  • And Internal Transfer Created for Child Company

So stock Picking will be created like below :

Receipt : Vendor -> My Company/Stock

Delivery : My Company/Stock -> Transit

Receipt : Transit -> Your Company/Stock

Steps to do (configuration) :

  • Create new company (on company creation system automatically create warehouse)
  • from inventory activate access rights to configure multi warehouse and routes
  • go to newly created warehouse and tick option "Resuly Warehouse"
  • and deactivate "Purchase to resupply this warehouse" as we are not purchasing goods for this warehouse
  • That's it you have done your configuration of your warehouse....
Now, its time to configure your products
  • Either you can import or create products in your system (Import, if you have more than 100 products)
  • on product configure routes : Buy + Resupply('Your Company: Supply Product from My Company')
  • add vendors of different company (note. before doing this you can give multi company access to your user, so user enable to set company on vendors)
  • for each company(warehouse) create different reordering rules(don't forget to set proper warehouse+ company on rules)

That's it.

If everything will be fine and if you run your scheduler, picking will be generated..


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