Monday, 30 July 2012


                                                                                                                           Pinakin Nayi
                                                                                                                           OpenERP Gandhinagar.
Hello Friends ,

   You all are going to search how to use <html> in OpenERP .xml file here is solution that may be useful to you.

In this example i am just changing description of module in html.. (account ,module)

<record id="base.module_account" model="ir.module.module">
            <field name="description"><![CDATA[
                <h2><u>Accounting and Financial Management.</u></h2>
                    This applies to the modules containing modulename_process.xml.
                        <li>General Accounting</ol>
                        <li>Cost/Analytic accounting</ol>
                        <li>Third party accounting</ol>
                        <li>Taxes management</ol>
                        <li>Customer and Supplier Invoices</ol>
                        <li>Bank statements</ol>
                        <li>Reconciliation process by partner</ol>
                    Creates a dashboard for accountants that includes:
                        <li>List of Customer Invoice to Approve</ol>
                        <li>Company Analysis</ol>
                        <li>Graph of Treasury</ol>
                    <p>The processes like maintaining of general ledger is done through the defined financial Journals (entry move line orgrouping is maintained through journal) for a particular
financial year and for preparation of vouchers there is a module named account_voucher.</p>

and server/trunk/openerp/addons/base/module/module_view.xml

<page string="Description">
                            <field name="description" widget="text_html"/>


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