Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Secure your ubuntu

                                                                                                                          Pinakin Nayi
                                                                                                                          OpenERP , Gandhinagar.

Quick post of a script worth using. If your openerp-server is running on a Linux server, this server should be secured. Linux is a more secure server than Windows, but still is vulnerable to attacks. If you are new to the security field in Linux, there is a tool you should try, Bastille Unix. If you are using an
Ubuntu distribution, you can install this tool with the following command:
# sudo apt-get install bastille
After running the command bastille, you will see a wizard like window interface which will guide you through the different steps of hardening your system. These steps involve setting file permissions, disabling FTP,Firewall, Printing, disabling unnecesary services and accounts. Not only this is a very good tutorial on Linux security, but also a tool for hardening your system.
Be aware that your security obligations do not end here, this is just a very good first step.

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