Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Analytic Distribution in Odoo 12

Analytic Distribution

"Analytic Distribution" again available in latest version. Analytic Distribution is mainly used for dividing your expense/income among various analytic account in Odoo.

There is huge use of analytic distribution in real business case.

Let's take one business case in which a company wants to distribute it's income between various departments:

A ABC IT company provide consultancy services for ERP.
The company is interested to divide it's income real-time between it's main three departments

1. Analysis and Design
2. Coding and testing
3. Deployment/Delivering

It also wants that when customer invoice is created for particular client PROJECT, the invoice amount will be divide in these three departments as below:

1. Analysis and Design: 50%

2. Coding and testing : 30%

3. Deployment : 20%

You can easily configure this requirement in Odoo using Analytic Tags -> Analytic Distribution.


Just create three analytic account :

- Analysis and Design,
- Coding and testing,
- Deployment

Make sure that the Analytic Group of these accounts is the client project's.

Now configure Analytic Tags -> Distribution by adding these three analytic accounts with their respective part in percentage.

Add this analytic distribution at the time of encoding customer invoice line.

Now validate that invoice and check the "Analytic Account" in order to check the effect of Analytic Distribution.


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  1. Hello

    This Module in Odoo v11??
    and Enterprise or community ??

    1. In saas version. Community.

    2. How can be downloaded ??
      What is the link ??

  2. Hello,
    Your blog is very nice i have go through it for manufacturing lead time but in that blog please mention that which product SO and PO have to create and also need to know the effect of Manufacture lead time because it will not display as a deadline date in MO.

  3. For some reason, i can't find the "distribution" section on my "Analytic Tag" record. Where shall i turn it on? I'm using enterprise. If you can get back to me, I may need your service: lex.shan@walkintour.com