Friday, 2 February 2018

Upselling in Odoo

Upselling in Odoo

Simply Upselling means deliver more than ordered...

Sometimes you are going to deliver goods/services to your customer more than it was ordered because of your customer’s record..

Assume, you have a service based company to deliver product "Customization services".

You are charging based on time estimation(you had contract with customer).

So, let's check the same thing how can we do inside odoo...

- Install Sales, Project, Timesheet

- Check the product configuration,

Invoice Policy : Ordered

Track Service : Time-Sheet on Contract

That's it..

As customer demanding we are create Sales order at our side.

Initially customer demand service of 40 hours and confirm now on the same time we issued invoice against service and customer paid us for same(as per our invoice policy, Ordered).

After that we issued Project of our customer. And assign Developer to work on the same.

The Developer started work on the same and record their timing.

Now, Let's assume the developer person recorded 40 hours of work but still few things are left to do so after confirmation of customer developer continue to work and at last Developer recorded 60 hours on project...

After that company have to know the remaining to invoice hours and that will be easily find out under Up Selling menu and we can easily issue the invoice for the remaining hours.

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