Sunday, 8 April 2018

Odoo Analytic Defaults

Analytic Defaults

This module is very important for you if you are working with Analytic Accounting. This allows you to Set default values for your analytic accounts.

How it helps me ?

Let's take one simple example to understand this. Suppose, you have different department in Organisation like Research and Development, HR Department,...

You allocated amount to various departments(thank to Analytic Distribution ). Now you have all users configured and whenever the responsible user login and add entry like invoice the system by default take the department analytic department to know the cost vs revenue of each department.

If we have case like this then this module helps us to default set analytic account based on,

  • Product
  • Partner
  • User
  • Company
  • Date

How it works in Odoo ?

  • Install module

  • Go to Accounting > Configuration > Analytic Accounting > Analytic Defaults

Here, the analytic account "Research & Development" apply on sales order and invoice based on different conditions.
Apply based on , Product, User, Partner.


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