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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Odoo

     Top 10 Reasons to Choose Odoo
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1. Odoo is open source
Open source does not mean free, but rather dynamic. If Odoo SA had not made this choice from the start, we probably would not be writing these lines. Open source is not a guarantee of success either, but in the case of Odoo this in pretty well. Indeed, without the international community which is federated around the project, there would not as a module to meet your needs.
As in any market, let alone computer, the critical size and visibility matters enormously. How project emerged and have become obsolete? Countless unfortunately. By choosing the open source model, Odoo has spread throughout the world which allows him to have a comfortable user base. We do, however, no figures because anyone can install their ERP.
2. ERP can be adapted to your needs and present
One of the highlights of Odoo is its catalog of modules that can be counted by thousands. And if a module does not exist, no problem, you can expand it or have it developed by a service provider market.
3. ERP adapts to your future needs
One of the strengths of Odoo and ability to adapt to your needs. Adding a classic function will only take a few minutes. This is also the best way to switch or start with Odoo. You trade by installing some basic modules to allow your team to discover and to appropriate the product and then week after week, you made the following modules.
On the same principle, your business is growing strongly, or you just created a new site, your ERP will adapt.
The architecture is scalable, which means that depending on the load, it is possible to distribute the ERP on multiple servers. Your company or organization can grow without fear.
4. Odoo is designed for the future
If one takes a purely technical standpoint, we can consider that the technical choices that were made are sustainable. The high-level language employed (Python) is very popular which ensures a solid basis for jurisdiction in the future.
The architecture programmed according to the rule of thirds (data processing, interface) provides Odoo to be adaptable to all platforms of today and tomorrow. The web client is a prime example because with the new module POS Touch, Odoo can operate any Apple touchpad (IPhone, IPod Touch ...), running Android or Windows furtur 8.
5. A low cost of ownership 
Unlike large ERP (SAP lead), maintenance costs and license are very low. We are talking about hundreds of dollars while for others we will be talking thousands!
7. You can use your existing computer
Installing Odoo solution is not synonymous with physical investment. A server with a good quality backup, RAID and redundant power enough to start. Odoo can operate in the thin client via a conventional web browser, you have nothing to do on your client. There is no additional hardware cost.
8. Open to other software
Odoo is very open and integrates many communication tools, it is very easy to communicate with existing applications used within your organization seamlessly.
9. Development costs mastered
The architecture is very simple. Python is known and simple language for which it will be easy to find a competent developer. It is then easy to create specific modules which allows to control development costs.
10. Odoo is ready the Cloud
If you wish not to support investment and maintenance costs of your servers, you can consider buying resources on the internet server and enjoy all the benefits of cloud computing.

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